Meet the Powerhouse

Backed by Science

A 35% carbamide peroxide whitening formula that delivers scientifically proven whitening.

Safe for the World

100% vegan, completely non-toxic, and never tested on animals.

Easy to use

Twist, apply, whiten. It’s that simple!

Light-Speed Whitening

Faster Results

LED technology accelerates the whitening process to remove years worth of stains in minutes.


Whiten and maintain your smile anywhere without the hassle of wires and cords.


Easy to clean, shower-safe, waterproof!

Sensitive-Teeth Friendly

Don't let naturally sensitive teeth stop you from a whiter smile. Our unique gel alleviates sensitivity while restoring lost vitamins and minerals.


This product makes whitening teeth a breeze compared to over the counter whitening strips. With only 10 minutes a day my teeth are shades whiter with no sensitivity and no hassle of dealing with strips or paying a small fortune at the dental office!

— Jonathan Gabriola

I finally found a teeth whitening method that works for me. I’m loving my new GOBRIGHT teeth whitening kit and, more importantly, my new smile. I’m glad I made the purchase.

— Erica Corchado

GOBRIGHT is amazing! I used it before my upcoming vacation to Mexico and I’m officially photo ready!

— Ahadit Tilaye

The Complete Whitening Kit

Everything you need for greater confidence, stunning photos, and more meaningful connections.



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