Our Mission

A smile can change the world

We whiten for one reason and one reason only: to empower people to smile more often. Because when you smile, you consciously give others permission to do the same. 

Our Values

Oral Safety

Having a bright, confident smile shouldn’t mean putting your oral health at risk. That's why we commit to the highest standards to provide  FDA-registered formula that's nontoxic, cruelty-free, and 100% vegan whitening to reinvent your smile without causing major sensitivity.

Effective Whitening 

Let’s face it – teeth whitening is big business today and there’s no shortage of products out there claiming to brighten up your smile. Sadly, most fall far short. GOBRIGHT is different – our powerful 35% Carbamide peroxide gel is scientifically proven to deliver visible results. If dentists use it, so do we!

Diversity of Oral Needs

We recognize that  everyone has varying oral needs and some have naturally sensitive teeth. If that happens to be you, chances are you’ve avoided most teeth whitening processes since they can cause major discomfort. GOBRIGHT has you covered. Our kit comes with a desensitizing gel that restores lost vitamins and minerals to your teeth. It’s never been simpler (or more comfortable!) to get the bright, confident smile you deserve.  

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