How soon can I expect results?

Customers can expect to see results after one treatment. However, for maximum results, use twice daily for 7 consecutive days. 

Will it make my teeth sensitive?

Most customers will not experience tooth sensitivity. However, we recognize that everyone has different enamel levels and oral needs so we included a desensitizing gel just in case. 

How do I use it ?

  1. Brush your teeth and/or rinse mouth with water
  2. Twist the lower part of the GOBRIGHT Teeth Whitening Pen for the gel to be released 
  3. Carefully brush on a layer of gel on your teeth as if you were painting your nails
  4. Bite down on the mouth tray and choose your light mode (Blue light: 15 minute timer. Purple light: 10 minute timer). Relax your jaw. Keep your tongue still. Device will automatically switch off when done.
  5. Rinse mouth and/or brush teeth.
  6. Optional: Apply a layer of the remineralization gel, do not rinse. Avoid eating a meal for at least 30 minutes after application.

How often should I use it?

We recommend using the product every day for 7-14 days consecutively. Once you reach your desired level of whitening, we recommend you use 2-3 times a week to maintain. 

I have excessive saliva in the tray when using the kit. What should I do?

Saliva is normal, but too much can dilute the gel and affect results. Therefore, we recommend that you relax your jaw muscles and keep your tongue still when whitening your teeth. Doing so will limit the amount of saliva entering the tray. 

How long do the results last? 

Results can last up to 12-14 months if maintained properly. It all depends on how well you maintain your teeth. 

Is it safe?
Yes. Our formula is FDA registered as well as vegan, non-toxic, and never tested on animals. GOBRIGHT whitening kit aslo includes a desensitizing pen that strengthens tooth enamel and returns vitamins and minerals to the teeth. 

Can children use it?

The minimum age we recommend is 18. They also must have all of their adult teeth. 


Can I whiten my teeth even if I have fillings?
Yes, you can. 


How much whitening gel should I use?

Apply a generous layer on your teeth as if you were painting your nails. You may have to re-twist the pen 2-3 times to be able to spread enough gel on all of your teeth. 


How long should I wait before eating?
30 minutes. 


Can a breastfeeding mom whiten her teeth?

Yes, a breastfeeding mom can safely get her teeth whitened or even whiten them herself at home.

Can I brush my teeth with the whitening pen?

No. Only use the whitening pen as instructed.